HeHe’s 20th Birthday

So it’s not that I’m twice her age. It’s not that I’m at least perched on top of the hill with a view over the other side. It’s not that I am “no longer cool,” as I have never been “cool” anyway. But my 20-year-old daughter is so much more… everything. I’m such a goober compared to her. I believe the term used nowadays is DUFF (Dumb Ugly Fat Friend).

Now really, I am not in any way trying to gain any kind of sympathy. I don’t want to hear any “Oh, Allison, you’re beautiful and cool, too!” I’m a realist. I can accept it. And I have proof.

For Hailey’s birthday, we drove out to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for dinner. Because that’s about an hour from our house, we had fun singing in the car. Hailey made lip sync videos with Clara, Presley, and me. Therein lies my proof. Take a look for yourself:

So I have no doubt you see it, too. (And we are way past the fact that she knew her words way better than I knew mine!) She’s just a “cool” 20-year-old. I’d say she gets it from her dad, but I’ve known him for too long.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, my beautiful, oh so much more cooler than me daughter. I love you!

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