What about me?

I have been told this blog has become about Eva. Let’s see…

“Mom, look at my special pocket.” I turn to see:


“Eva, go brush your teeth.”

“I can’t! There’s a wrinkle in my toothbrush!”

I should just leave it there, but you should know I discovered that there was dried toothpaste on her toothbrush so it was “wrinkled.” I told her to run it under hot water for a minute and it would be fine. Ten minutes later I told her to turn off the water and I had to scrub toothpaste off of places in the bathroom that should never have toothpaste near them.


And then there’s this:


And this:


So I guess if you want to run around “nervously” wearing a coconut bra and grass skirt (that I MADE her wear shorts under and was in trouble every time she saw them sticking out) and had a light up fidget spinner in your “special pocket,” you’d get some “air-time” as well.

But at this point, maybe you should be thankful I’m NOT taking video of you.

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