Organic brains and Arch Enemies

Well, it’s been a while, but I’ve been exhausted! I’ve got maybe 6 hours before my eyes are closing and I need a nap. For a 4″ little person, this baby is sucking the energy out of me. At almost 15 weeks, I am starting to feel better, although evenings are still difficult. But worth it! Amen?

I don’t know if it is hormones, or old age, or maybe I just decided I don’t have enough on my plate, but yesterday I bought a kitten. It is so tiny and cute! It is a black and gray tabby, but mostly marbled instead of striped. Her name is Mozzie (after a character on White Collar- I have long thought Mozzie is a perfect cat’s name). The kids have all been very gentle with her, although Eva is up in her grill too often. And because she’s not even 2 pounds yet, I have kitten-proofed the school room and she has been living in this fun world of desks, shelves, paper, books, pens, and right now… my fingernail polish. Those roll around splendidly. Because the school room is her home, Madeline can come look at her through the baby gate in the door, but she’s only petted her 4 or 5 times under strict observation. She really loves her, but it reminds me of the book Of Mice & Men, or more adequately, the Yeti from Looney Tunes:

Yeti Video

“I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.”

Mozzie playing with Adrian’s cast


Cory, who LOVES the fact that J’onn is named after Martian Manhunter and that his middle name is Kal-El (Superman), was telling me the other day that Martian Manhunter can control people’s brains. This is when J’onn interrupted and clarified: “No, he can only control organic brains! Not brains like Cyborg or something.” OK, well when asked what “organic” means, he had no idea. But at least he is aware of what “his” limits are.

Of late, Cory also continually been asking me who people’s- or corporations- arch enemies are. For example, “Who is McDonald’s arch enemy?” My reply: “Uhhhh, well I guess that would be Burger king.” (But thankfully, as McDonald’s is number one, the next several leading fast food companies added together don’t add up to McDonald’s revenue. So I’m not sure they even have an arch enemy. Too much to explain to a five-year-old though.) And Target’s arch enemy? I guess that’s Wal Mart. And it goes on and on.

Well, I would continue, but I have to go to the dreaded, nightmare inducing pelvic exam at my OB’s office. I guess it’s probably good I have had so many babies because there’s no way I’d go on my own (without being pregnant) for a “check up.” Always lovely, especially since my husband relayed to my OB about 6 years ago that I think he’s really handsome. Oh yes, he really did. And after their little “guy chat,” I almost immediately got pregnant with Cory. The next thing I know, I’m in my OB’s office under a paper sheet and he’s telling me how he ran into my husband a while back and was chatting with him. My reply?

“Oh…yeah…. That’s…just…awesome.”

Yup. I had to ground my husband from my OB, so that they only time he sees him is when I am in the delivery room. Hopefully there is too much going on to discuss my PRIVATE… um… likes? And little Adrian is none too thrilled himself. As Shauna is the nurse today, and those two are not allowed to be left alone, he is coming with me. Granted, he will be sitting in the waiting room, but because I was complaining about this appointment last night and he overheard, he knows the reason for the visit. I think he thinks I’m going to come out a different person/alien.  (Little does he know I will be a different person- one that is totally relieved and not panicking inside!)

So here I go. Wish me luck.