One of the definitions of storytelling is to pass down history orally, from one generation to the next. In this case, the following story has been passed to me by Becca, Madeline’s caregiver, because I wasn’t home to witness it myself.

One day, when I had happened to escape the house by myself for some forgotten reason, Clara and Presley decided to have some fun with J’onn and Cory. The girls told them that our front coat closet was really an elevator that, if you got in, closed the door so it was dark, and stood in the very back corner, you could travel to different rooms. There were a few caveats. The had to count to a different number (in the hundreds) for each room they wanted to go to, and each time someone opened the door, you had to start again. But the really fun part was that if they counted to 500, they could go to our ice cave.

In the end, after a lot of frustration about doors being opened too soon, the girls finally fessed up that it was a joke. J’onn’s response: “I’m really disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing the ice cave.”

When asked this morning if he wanted to get into the elevator and visit the ice cave, Cory’s reply was: “No, you have to count to 100 five times.” Not, “There is no ice cave.” Not, “You were tricking us last time.” Nope. Just a mild complaint that you have to count too long to get there.

World Travel

Well, I have not traveled the world. Adrian has been to Europe. I have been to Israel. There are not too many places we would visit, even if we could afford the cost and time. But that did not stop us from picking foreign names for this baby.

Without realizing the foreignness of our decision, we picked Londyn for a girl and Israel for a boy. I had an ultrasound today (I’m 19 weeks), and we found out which name we were using.

It so happens that we are using Israel Arrow Tristan Howell (Arrow after Green Arrow). That evens things up- 5 girls and 5 boys. All the kids were super excited that it was a boy. In fact, we called Hailey at work and Adrian told her it was a girl. Her response? “Oh no! You’re kidding me? I’m SO bummed!” I guess it’s a good thing he was kidding. When I told her it really was Israel she got excited, and also said, “Well, I guess I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was a girl.” LOL.

As soon as I got home, I deleted all the newborn girl things I had in my online cart at and purchased the baby boy items I had waiting in there. The wait for the ultrasound seemed SO long. It was really exciting going into it not having a feeling either way of what it might be, it was a great surprise.

Here’s a pic, though not great because the placenta is laying right on top of him (which also explains why I don’t feel him move very often). He did continually “chew” throughout the ultrasound, which is just so cute.


For Sale

For Sale: 1 Doberman puppy- 6 months old.


1 BBQ mitt

1 Bike Seat

3 new 4×4 posts

1 leash

1 chair cushion

2 dog beds

1 popcorn bowl

1 kids lifejacket

1 wood ninja practice sword

2 shirts

1 kids shopping cart

3 towels

1 jump rope

2 bike handles

1 BBQ scraper

2 kids mermaid tails

7 plastic tools

1 Power Wheels

1 Filet Mignon – hot on the grill

1 doll

1 doberman tail (yes, really!)

and finally,

IMG_2948 IMG_8760

1 large umbrella

And because my husband loves him so much, I’ll throw him in for free. But be warned, I don’t have the time to list how many things he has destroyed.