For Sale

For Sale: 1 Doberman puppy- 6 months old.


1 BBQ mitt

1 Bike Seat

3 new 4×4 posts

1 leash

1 chair cushion

2 dog beds

1 popcorn bowl

1 kids lifejacket

1 wood ninja practice sword

2 shirts

1 kids shopping cart

3 towels

1 jump rope

2 bike handles

1 BBQ scraper

2 kids mermaid tails

7 plastic tools

1 Power Wheels

1 Filet Mignon – hot on the grill

1 doll

1 doberman tail (yes, really!)

and finally,

IMG_2948 IMG_8760

1 large umbrella

And because my husband loves him so much, I’ll throw him in for free. But be warned, I don’t have the time to list how many things he has destroyed.

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