Situationally Aware

I was in Other Mother’s a few days ago with J’onn, Cory, Eva and Benjamin. After a while I asked J’onn to hold Benjamin for a couple of minutes. I was only about 8 feet from him so I could hear him talking to a girl. He was explaining that this baby was his brother and that he is, in fact, Benjamin’s favorite person in the whole family. After a minute of listening I looked over at the play house they were in and saw a girl- maybe 10- holding Benjamin while J’onn talked. Not wanting to embarrass him, but also not wanting her to be holding Benjamin, I said it was time to go. So he took Benjamin back and walked to the front with me- with two girls in tow. And, on the way out the door I heard them say, “Bye, J’onn.”

You know those movies where the guy uses a puppy or a baby to pick up girls in the park? That is exactly what it felt like. He was, in fact, situationally aware.

I was going to Walmart today and explained to the kids that the world will continue to get worse as we get closer to the return of Jesus. I told them they need to be aware of what was going on around them, where exits were, if the same person kept showing up near them, etc… I believe that is what sparked Cory’s comment to me as I went out this evening.

On my way out the door he called, “Let us know if you get murdered, Mom!” I turned to him and said, “Cory, you’re a dork.” J’onn added his two cents: “Yeah, Cory. Mom can’t call us if she’s murdered.” Thanks, J’onn. In the end, I made it home.

Presley is having a skating party Sunday. She worked hard on extra school in order to move up early, and we changed our minds about that transition, so we are letting her take people roller skating as a reward for all her diligent, hard work. I got a text today- and RSVP for her BIRTHDAY party. I explained it was not her birthday- but now I’m wondering is anyone is going to show up with a gift. I think we’ll need Presley to clarify at church Wednesday night that her guests should not bring gifts. It does make sense though- who has a skating party just for the heck of it? Just us crazy Howells.

Meanwhile, Benjamin just turned 7 months. He’s an expert crawler… and much of his crawling is done hands and feet rather than hands and knees. And this crazy baby squats with 1 hand on the floor and tries to stand. And he’s so little! (He’s 25th percentile, so having a runt crawl around and trying to stand is… like having Clara all over again…. Lord come quickly!) But he’s so cute and full of kisses. Mostly for his favorite person- which happens to be me, not J’onn,- but J’onn is a close second, and maybe Little Adrian is third.

Anyway, Adrian had a uniform inspection today and they liked his pleats in his pants and the shine on his boots (Yay, A3!) Lord knows I had supernatural help pressing those- I am terrible at ironing! Which is why I need to get started on it for tomorrow.

Blessings, friends!

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