Favorite Links

Here are some links to web sites I visit often. Most have to do with prophecy, all are very informative, whether I agree with their views or not.

JD Farag’s You Tube Page (My favorite! I look forward to his Prophecy Updates weekly!)

Prophecy In The News

Prophecy Watchers (Gary Stearman)

John Haller’s Prophecy Updates

News With Views

LA Marzulli’s Blog (LOVE his Watchers DVDs)

Timothy Alberino’s You Tube Page-  YouTube took down…???!!

Sky Watch TV (Tom Horn)

Watch (From White House Reporter, Bill Koenig)

WND (World Net Daily- News)

Steve Quayle (Links to other articles, some eschatological disagreement)

Stan Deyo (Does not update news often, but great info in other sections)

The Extinction Protocol (no longer updates)- see on Twitter

Doug Hamp (Read article called: Evidence from Matthew 24 that the Lord will return in the span of a generation from Israel’s birth)

Pastor Billy Crone (More videos than you can watch! Order 1 free DVD a month!)

Gatestone Institute

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