Sweet Music

We don’t really listen to a lot of secular music in our house. However, because we have dance parties, and we do enjoy music, there is some secular music that we enjoy. I am not here to justify the words or the hypnotic beat that exists and can be exploited in music. Nor am I trying to excuse some of the songs I like that are not up to our family’s moral standards. For example, there are VERY FEW songs that I do NOT like by the following artists: Taylor Swift, FUN, Adele, and possibly a few others. Then there are some top 100 artists that I like select songs from, like Christina Perri, One Direction, and Meghan Trainor. The latter is the subject of this post.

So by now, we all know that It’s All About That Bass. I love that song, possibly because I’ve always carried the bulk of my weight in my (b)ass. Like many others, that kicked off our dancing to Meghan Trainor’s music. Clara’s favorite is Lips are Moving. That’s a fun song, too… until you have to explain it to your five-year-old son.

The question that came at me the other day:

“Mom, what does it mean when it says in the song ‘I gave you base you gave me sweet talk’?”

My reply:

“Um, duh, blub, well…What did you say?”

After rehearing the question, which I heard correctly the first time, but it gave me three seconds to clear my thoughts, I replied, “Love. It means I gave you love.”

Cory then said, “Oh.” Almost disappointed that it meant love and not something…juicer.

Some day he’ll know that giving somebody bass doesn’t necessarily mean love. I guess I should be more careful, just because they’re dancing wildly, and Cory seldom sings, it doesn’t mean they’re not listening.

Cory’s dance moves, age- almost 4:

Hailey and Clara lip syncing to Lips are Moving

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