Whistling while you work

So it’s spring cleaning time around here. It’s really not too bad of a prospect. Our lovable little home really only gives us 2 options to collect: junk or kids. We have chosen kids. That means clutter doesn’t really pile up. There’s always the outgrown clothes and shoes that we are constantly cycling through, and forgotten about toys that often find their way to Other Mothers. But stuff to just throw away instead of trading it in or putting it in storage (in case of future “collections”) really only occurs in individual spaces. For example, about once a month I go through Clara & Presley’s room with them and a trash bag. Same thing with Little Adrian, but the rest is pretty good. Today, for our Spring Cleaning time, we (Clara, Presley, J’onn, Cory and I) will be working on the hallway, bathroom and family room. It will only take an hour or so to sanitize and organize. (My hope is this will also help us get rid of all these colds we’ve had!) So, upon royal proclamation by the queen this morning that the people of the land, who partake of the riches of this kingdom, would be helping her majesty clean in these three areas, the rumble throughout the land was that of moaning and sighs. The queen responded by explaining that her little subjects should be grateful that we have these things to clean, and that their mother queen would take the time to teach them should inspire them to ban the dreaded dust bunnies with me! The fact that they do not live in a pig sty (at least not most of the time) should leave them feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness. To which the older peasants simply walked away. But with this video I declare there is hope in the land: Ok, so it’s not whistling, but it is singing with a joyful heart while he does his daily vacuuming. Good boy, J’onny. I hereby knight you Sir Joyful Worker.

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