Messy, messy

I know I have not written in a while. I have not forgot, I have just been busy. The mundane, not fun type of busy. But here I am to share a couple of cute things.

First of all, we went to the Randol’s church on Sunday to see Shauna get baptized. While we were there, Cory asked me, “What are we doing here again?” I told him we were going to watch Shauna get baptized. He thought about that and said, “Oh, J’onn’s girlfriend?” “Yeah, that’s the one,” although Adrian might have something to say about that, I thought. While we were there, our friends La Rae and Rhino (Russ, he’s just as big as a rhino) were sitting behind us (their son, Adrian’s friend, Ethan, was also baptized that morning). He gave the boys knuckles then pretended it hurt because they are so strong. Cory turned and whispered to me, “It’s because I used my super strength.”

Today, Papa & Gramma are taking Cory birthday shopping. The timing is great because the new Avengers movie comes out on Friday, so they toy selection is right up Cory’s alley. He came into my room at 6 this morning and said, “Mom, I’m dressed!” I smiled and patted the bed next to me. He came in and lay down. It’s been 2 1/2 hours now and he’s still asleep. Regarding Cory having lay down:

Lay vs. Lie Chart

Infinitive    Definition         Present    Past    Past Participle    Present Participle

to lay      to put or place     lay(s)      laid     laid                  laying
something down

to lie     to rest or recline    lie(s)       lay      lain                  lying

– See more at:

This always messes me up.

So to the messy part of this post. Eva is so cute. I know, I’m biased. But she is a ball of sunshine most of the time and so much fun. She also learned to say “Mess, mess.” a few months ago. But now, she enjoys it. Yesterday she took a water spray bottle and while spraying said “Mess, mess.” Today, she knocked books off a shelf, all while saying “Mess, mess.” She took a pile of her folded laundry and started putting it ALL on her head (but the pants didn’t work so she just threw those). While she was having this enormously good time, she was chanting, “Mess. mess.” Which I guess is better than the other phrase she picked up on: “Bad no-no.”

We have “No-no’s, the more serious “That is a NO,” then we have the ouchie causing, breakable, or gigantic mess “Bad No-no”s. Eva prefers to say the last one with a growl. She will come in the room and growl “Bad No-no.” It is at that point I have to get up and go find out what she got into.

So while it is a game right now, I think I prefer Mess, mess to Bad No-no!


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