Hello, Stranger!

It has been Sooo Long! Not because I don’t have anything to say, but because I don’t have time to write!

I have a list I made for “cute things to post when I finally get around to it.”  It says:

Eber hand slap

Presley- NUCLEAR

Presley- Lysdexic

Eber Nickname


Who (illegible) most to get out (hut or lint… IDK)

Shapes/paste & screws

J’onn speaking double

Hailey fall

Cory- Groundhog Day

Those sound really fun to describe! I’m sure I left myself great clues with that list. Unfortunately I can only remember what a couple of them mean! Seriously, I must be getting old.

I do remember that I raised my hand to slap Eber’s hand for touching something I told him not to. Before I could hit it he raised his hand and gave me a high five. So that didn’t work.

Israels nickname is Eber (Thanks, Madeline). He is called Eber far more often than he’s called Israel. Cory asked me what Eber’s nickname is. I said, “Eber.” “No,” he said, “EBER’s nickname.” “Eber!” I said, again. “NO! Eber’s Nickna… oh….” (insert sheepish laugh here).

I’m willing to bet the one about Hailey Falling is hilarious- unless fall means autumn- then it’s not so funny. But I just have no clue. And who did WHAT with shapes, paste and screws?!! We may never know.

I’m actually posting because I am adding a new page. I started writing a very short devotional about a year ago, but got too busy to finish. It’s directed towards moms who are hurting with sick kids. I’m actually putting it on a new page, so you’ll have to click on that tab if you want to read it. I’m hoping that this puts pressure on me to add to it!

The only other thing is that I should add that Benjamin is 4 months old! He’s super fun. Here’s are some more recent pics:


IMG_4257Madeline admiring her baby brother!

IMG_4624 Daddy with Batman (Israel)- in his man-bun!

IMG_5687 Adrian, J’onn & Cory

IMG_5758 Clara & Presley

IMG_4762 Eva

IMG_4663 Mike & Hailey

Alright! I’ve got a half hour to work on that other page! See you later!



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