Happy Birthday, Clara!

Well, today is Passover- thank you Jesus for being our Passover Lamb! This year it is also Clara’s 12th birthday! She’s at her friend, Hannah’s birthday party though. She’s having a French themed party next weekend. This will include the transformation of our living room into a French Cafe, watching Sabrina, eating a French meal, and learning a mime drama with her friends to show the parents in the morning. I am ready for that to be over.

Emma and Zoe came over for a few hours today (they are easy to have over, they are both 4 months older than Clara & Presley). During this time, J’onn made a mess of his toys in his room. I asked him why he piled a bunch of toys up in his doorway, and he replied: “Adrian doesn’t like it when the girls go in his room so I made a barricade!”

I thought that was very sweet, since Adrian has been gone a week now at ALERT. I was so relieved to find a couple of pictures of him online on Tuesday, finally knowing he actually made it all the way there. They also posted the Prayer Calendar for Unit 53 (Adrian is in Alpha 1st Squad). Here is the link so you can see all 50 young men in this Unit, and you can pray for them:


I am super proud of him and so glad he is there. I know it will be so great for him and he will thrive, but my Mommy Heart is so sad! He’s been on vacation longer than this and I never missed him like I do now! In my emails and letters to him I have to be careful. I want to write all the Mommy things down: Are you brushing your teeth? Taking your meds? Doing laundry? Do you click with anybody yet? How is your Squad?… But I have refrained. Him going is partly about the separation he needs to take all those things on himself. And I am realizing that if he was here I’d probably never let him take them all on.

I’m just glad they’ll make him write home once a week. Both Hailey and I have written and told him we need details! I can see it now- “Hi family. Doing great. Food sucks. Tired. Gotta go. Love, Adrian.” Not gonna fly!!!!

In the wake of Adrian leaving, we’ve had to rearrange all the chores. Hailey has very few- just once a week type stuff. But in order to pick up the slack, Clara, Presley, J’onn, Cory & I have all added things to our daily routines. This is going…well it’s just going. Hopefully the kids get used to it soon, and I find the extra energy daily for the tasks I have taken up in Adrian’s stead.

Well, it is 7:17 pm and I am going to take a nap until 10 when I have to go pick Clara up. Twelve years old. Hard to believe. As in, hard to believe I’m that old!

Birthday girl!

tristan at 8 009

Mermaid birthday!

Mermaid Tail Linkc-12

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