So I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with friends lately. My daughter’s first home nurse (13 years ago), Amber, and I are still friends. She lives about 3 hours away but was able to visit the other week, and we always have fun. I was able to talk to my friend, Beth, who lives about 5 hours away, and catch up with her. I had to get off the phone with Beth when we arrived at our friend’s house to go to dinner. So David and Kari, whom we haven’t done anything with in a year, and Adrian and I sat at dinner for three & a half hours catching up, it was great. I was also texting with my sister-in-law, Stacey, this week which was encouraging and just plain great to communicate with her.

We even have been able to reconnect with Maui this weekend. Maui, as in Hawaii?! No, actually, Maui as in our blue pit bull we gave to friends- blue like the waters of Maui.

We have a rottweiler, Hector. He’s a great dog. We then got Maui from our neighbor. But two puppies (Hector is a year older, 3 now) was too much at the time, especially because Maui ate EVERYTHING. So Maui became Nala at our friend’s house where she has a great life. (Come to think of it, my old miniature schnauzer, Lacy, lives with Amber. There may be a pattern forming here.)

What we didn’t know when we gave Maui to Laura is that she was about 1 day pregnant. Laura came home to 4 puppies after having Maui for 2 months! Fortunately, their other pit had just had puppies right before getting Maui, so they were prepared- and I was even more thankful she was gone! This was a shock to us, we have NEVER seen Hector try and make babies to any dog, leg, thing period! Maui had been in heat once before, but she must have been “early” this round. (That’s how I got pregnant with Tristan, so I understand!)

Well, Adrian and Laura decided that Hector and Maui, sorry, Nala, made such cute puppies by accident the first time that they should do it again. So this weekend, Hector is reconnecting with Maui.

If this “reconnecting” works, Adrian wants one of their puppies. I just need to figure out which friend we will give her to one day.

Maui (Nala) & Hector

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