“Come and get me!”

Well, I do have a few tidbits to relate to you. I hope you enjoy them!

Eva has gone from fearful to jumpy whenever a loud airplane flies overhead. Today we were on the front porch and I heard a plane so before she could get scared I said, “Look, Eva, a plane!” She looked up and yelled, “Come and get me!” Okayyy. At least it wasn’t a UFO.

We are in the midst of wedding planning- 32 days and counting. Seeing all the packages arriving in the mail, all the talk about chocolate fountains and pretty dresses, Eva was intrigued, but just didn’t understand what was going on. So, seeing that her third birthday is three days after the wedding, I told her it was for her birthday party. So, every day for weeks now, she excitedly tells people that she’s going to have a chocolate mountain at her birthday party and we can all wear dresses and go on the bouncy castle. (Yes, there’ll be a Frozen bouncy castle at the reception Eva’s party.)

So I warned Mike that he’s blog fodder now, and he gave me a good one. You know when you are saying something (over and over) and it’s just the wrong word, but you don’t realize it? Well Hailey and Mike were talking about the suspenders for the groomsmen and how he thinks they look really good. The only problem- he wasn’t saying suspenders, he was saying overalls. Hailey just couldn’t figure out why he was wanting to wear overalls! True, the wedding theme is rustic, but that’s a little too far!

I turned 42 last month. It was fun and I got great stuff from most of my kids. Clara however…. I took the tissue paper out of my bag to reveal a bunch of fun stuff. I was so excited that there were 2 candles that I like and was surprised she found them because they are often out of stock.I later found out she took them from my closet. Huge bummer. Way to shop, dear.

Eva, again. I was on my knees and elbows talking to Israel and she climbed on my back and yelled, “Go, pig!” “Ummm…no,” I said. She replied, “Go horse?” Yup…. Still a no. I felt a lot better after she climbed on Adrian’s back and said the same thing.

I let her put on some lipstick, and she does that by pursing her lips so she’s actually coloring the skin around them rather than puckering to color her actual lips. Adrian saw the result and was wiping some lipstick off her cheek. She was not happy he was doing this, so he was explaining why he was “helping” her. As soon as he finished, she turned to me and said, “Mom, dad talk too much.” I couldn’t agree more.