“It was an accident!”

It has always amazed me how when my kids have an “accident”- they completely lose their ability to comprehend, act, or even move. If Cory spills his chocolate milk for the third time that day, all he can do is stand there, mouth agape, and stare at it. How old are they when this goes away?

Today we were pushing shopping carts out of Wally World to my van. I had one filled with groceries, and Clara was pushing one behind me with J’onn, Cory & Eva sitting in it. All of a sudden I hear a scream, and I turn to see Presley under Clara’s cart up to her hips. She’s flat on the ground, boots off, and cars coming.

So what is Clara (11 – turning 12 in 1 month) doing to fix the situation? Standing with her mouth agape, looking down at Presley. She looked up at me and said “It was an accident!” But what was she doing to fix her ‘accident’? NOTHING!

Now, I really try to behave at Wal-Mart, because I figure somebody has to. But in the midst of oncoming traffic, and my eight-year-old pinned to the ground under a cart, I yelled at Clara, “I don’t care if it was an accident! Move your cart!” She closed her mouth and backed up off her sister.  I made sure Presley was ok and that she got her boots on. We continued to the van, and I think I yelled something like, “Can you try and not have any more of your ‘accidents’, please?”

So now I realize that I totally fit in at Wal-Mart- at least on this trip. Out of control kids being led by their out of control mom. Nice. But wait- this is not supposed to be about me, not this time anyway! At what age do mouths close and thinking kicks in? At what age will they do something about the bottle of apple juice laying on its side with no lid, pouring out onto the counter, down the cupboard (on the outside and inside of the door) and making a puddle on the floor?

Hailey & Adrian act- but I don’t remember when that kicked in. I would have to guess it kicked in with Hailey earlier than with Adrian though. I don’t think Tristan had the opportunity for “action” to kick in. Madeline doesn’t count. So with that logic, my guess is that the earliest it happens is at 12 years of age. Because apparently it isn’t at 11.