So Israel, 13 months now, really loves Shauna (Adrian’s girlfriend). I told her someday we’ll figure out how all these Randol girls cast a spell on all my boys. But anyway, some days I’m pretty sure he likes Shauna more than he likes me. Um, most days. (I’m pretty sure he said “Shauna” about a week after he said “mama”-and it’s not like “Shauna” isn’t 10 times more difficult to pronounce than “mama”- and he definitely said Shauna before “Dada.”) Anyway… yesterday she stopped by while her sister, Becca, was here. Becca had her baby, Ellie, with her and Shauna was holding her. The jealous mom part of me wishes I would have seen this, but when Shauna kissed Ellie, Israel apparently glared ferociously at Shauna. (This is where my jealousy would normally say – good!- but I love Shauna, so it doesn’t really bother me- until she leaves and I can’t console him because he only wants her!) Today Becca told me he walked into Madeline’s mom and saw Ellie and said “Bad, bad, bad, Sha, no, no, no!” I guess I’m not the only one who can hold a grudge.


I must say that he has to have strong feelings about this because he doesn’t say too many phrases. I mean- he  shouldn’t even be saying phrases at 13 months. So Adrian might have his hands full fighting the one-year-old over his girlfriend.

I guess we like babies in this house because Eva has been asking everyone how many months old they are. “Um… just a second (grabbing a calculator)…515.” Wow… that sounds a lot worse than almost 43, I’m glad we go by years.

Adrian (my husband) has always liked basketball. Now days he watches the condensed games on YouTube. Cory has always liked to watch them with him. Because Adrian is from the Bay Area, he has always liked the Warriors- which is great now that they are a good team. So now Cory asks me all the time about when the next game is on, who is playing, etc… Like I know any of this information. He just can’t understand how I don’t know these facts. He turns 7 tomorrow, and I can’t wait until Thursday so I can start saying, “Nope- stop- we are not discussing your next birthday until April of next year.”

On days when I sub in the church pre-school, or stay home with sick kids, the boys go with their dad to second service. Which they really don’t like. But it’s good for them, so we make them go. Cory told me last time I had to stay home that he didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to stay for second service. I told him that one day soon that will be his classroom and he’ll be in there listening to Pastor Terry every week. His reply? “No! Remember- the Rapture?!” So basically he is banking on the rapture to get out of listening to Pastor Terry every week. Love it. He also told me today that Israel won’t see two-years-old because Jesus is coming to get us. I wonder what he knows!

Hailey & Mike got me an amazing Mother’s Day/ Birthday gift. This Friday I get to see Terry Fator perform! I have wanted to see him since he won the second season of America’s Got Talent. He headlines at the Mirage, and when Adrian worked for McDonald’s we went 3 or 4 times to Vegas, but I always had a baby with me, and there are no kids under 5 allowed. Finally, the one time I was going to be able to go with no kids and ditch everyone and everything to go see him, Adrian decided he didn’t want to go to Vegas. So I thought I’d never get to see him. I didn’t even know he was coming to town so I was totally surprised and am super excited.

We are working hard to finish up school by the end of next week so we can have a 3 week break before starting next year’s Math books. We are trying to finish Math before Edmond arrives in mid-July. Then we will not have to start the rest of the books until mid September. It’s been a little stressful doing so much lately, especially with Adrian at school 48 hours a week, but we are pushing through.

Speaking of having Edmond…. My doctor (who I’ve mentioned before) is quitting on JUNE 30TH!!! I’m due less than 3 weeks from then. So I will have a new doctor for the last 2 weeks plus delivery. Sad end to an era of a handsome doctor (especially now that he shaved that hipster beard!) who delivered the last 4 of my kids (a record for both of us).

Adrian is the star pupil in his CDL (trucking) classes. He also got a “verbal powerball” in his English class last night. That means he gets an automatic A for the first half of his class. So I obviously had to ask, “What on earth is a verbal powerball and how does that give you an A?!” Well, he disagreed with the teacher’s assessment on the short story they read, and he told him he was assuming and adding a lot of info that wasn’t in the story to make it mean what he wanted it to mean. Adrian upheld his case and by doing so overrode anything else he’s done in the first half of the class (midterms are in a week) and therefore has an A. I’ve never heard of anything so crazy (even he couldn’t believe it). The closest my college professors came to anything like that was offering an A on the final if you got 100% on the exam leading up to it. Dumbed down society anyone?

And this morning I’m trying to explain to Clara why she’s skipping Egyptian symbols but not Roman Numerals in her Math review. My example of why she’ll need them- because every Super Bowl (which I haven’t watched in years) is written in Roman Numerals. How will you know which Super Bowl it is if you don’t know them? Nothing about outlines or note taking, nope, I didn’t think of that. But I stand by my decision because I doubt the Egyptian symbols will come back in style.

Praying for Adrian’s team today as they were sent to recover an 18-month-old’s body. She was swept from her mother’s arms in a flash flood. While I want that family to be able to have some kind of closure (the mom also lost her 4 year old son, but his body was found yesterday), and I know it’s what Adrian’s trained for, I still feel for anyone who actually locates her. It makes me cry just to think about it.

Well I didn’t mention J’onn or Presley. Not that they haven’t done anything fun lately. But really my brain is next to mush (thanks, Edmond) so I’m lucky I’ve remembered what I already have.

Cory is begging to get to school (?) so I need to quit writing. I figure if I don’t publish this I never will, so I’ll end here. Hope you have a great day! Yay Spring (finally)!