Hello Strangers

Well, looking back I can see that I have not written anything for about 3 months. My kids have been bugging me to write something new. While there has been plenty to write, writing time has been in short supply.

I’ll start by announcing that Israel Arrow Tristan was born at 5:52 pm on March 14, 2016! He was 7 pounds, 7 ounces (my smallest boy), 19 3/4″, with plenty of blonde hair. He’s very sweet and pretty easy overall. Here are some proud mommy pics:


Israel little bro tee

IMG_7757 (2)


So now he is 3 1/2 weeks old- and time flies! There are already precious outfits he has grown out of. Adrian has been talking about having another one. Hmmm…. The scale tells me to wait a bit, I’d feel better if I lost this baby weight first! But having him reminds me that life’s greatest blessings are in no way material, or financial. In fact, our “standard of living” takes a hit each time we have a baby! But they are worth every penny.

Q. “So, are you done?

A. The “agony” of pregnancy is worth every limp I take, every Zofran I pop so as not to throw up (Thank you, Lord, for providing medical assistance as our DNA deteriorates!), every sleepless night because my hips hurt so bad, each horrible Tums I choke down every time I lay down to ease the heartburn. Motherhood is a sacrifice from day one of pregnancy, one that the Lord has yet to tell me to proactively prohibit. So even though responses are not always positive (“What were you thinking?”), it’s nobody else’s business, and is determined by God, and my obedience to what God has instructed us to do; not by what I, or Adrian, or anyone else thinks is best, no matter the justifications. Am I done? Well, He has yet to limit my ability to carry a baby. So am I done? The article I read yesterday about motherhood was entitled: “Is 50 the new 40?” I have 9+ years to go to reach 50. So then, am I done? The bottom line is this: I am done if the Lord returns soon (Maranatha!). If He tarries, well, I just don’t know, but I am available for whatever the Lord chooses.

My friend, Amber, shared a blog article that I appreciated. It’s not long, and it is worth your time. [A side note to the article: I agree with it 100%, my only caveat is that people should be walking with the Lord, meaning also raising their kids unto the Lord as well. Many are not (even “Christians”), and therefore may not be ready to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). I highly recommend the book, The Faithful Parent, by Peace & Scott to understand Ephesians 6:4 on a deeper level.]

God Created Birth Control

What else…

J’onn likes to wink. If I tell him “Thank you” for something, he’ll turn and give me a wink that says, “No problem, Mom, anything for you!” He winked at Clara the other day, and the wink was follow by: “That’s how I get all the girls.” Not quite sure how to address that one.

Eva is still so much fun. The opposite of being jealous of the baby, she thinks she’s his other mom. She really wants to breastfeed him, it has yet to work how she wants it to. The few times she has brought him to me, he’s been in the upright position (phew!). She gets bugged with me that I control bath time, but as a responsible parent I don’t see letting that one go. It is precious to see how much she loves “baby Israel.”

The other day I bought a new fruit basket- two tiered- for the kitchen table. And then I actually bought fruit to put in it. I mixed the fruit up and it looked great. Then it was Presley’s turn to clean the kitchen. After her true fashion, the next time I saw the fruit it was an lovely rows, organized by type, lined up like soldiers. I could not help but think of Hailey. But, Hailey would have probably put each kind in separate Ziplocks before putting them in the basket.

Clara just turned 13. I have nothing more to say about that because my fear overwhelms me.

Tristan’s birthday was March 23. He’d be 17 now. I am thankful he is with Jesus, but my heart still hurts, and I miss him terribly. I’m sure it will until Jesus wipes all my tears away some day. There is an obvious hole in my heart and in our family that I am thankful for. I am thankful that the hole reminds me of my boy. It reminds me that he is healed and with his risen Savior. It reminds me that this world is not my home, and my goal is to go to where T already is. So as much as this hole in my heart and in my family hurts, it is a blessing as well.

Speaking of Tristan…. Sometimes I am surprised he and Cory have never met. Cory got in trouble the other day and reported to our room wearing four pairs of shorts under his pajama pants. Tristan did that once, too. All I can do is laugh.

The older kids are well. They are so busy. Hailey works A LOT, and manages to keep a social life (yes, Mike is still in the picture!), so I rarely see her. Adrian went back to Texas in February/March to finish ERT at ALERT. He goes back in June for Diving and EMT-Basic. Right now he is working at McD’s and Spokane Gymnastics. Madeline is the same (no news is good news for her!).

Regarding my comment about Clara….

I’m not actually scared of her teenage years. Satan has filled our heads that teenagers are supposed to rebel and act out, etc…. Clara loves Jesus and is growing in Him. Rebellion is as of the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23), and my kids know this fact. Maturing and becoming more independent is one thing, rebellion for the sake of rebellion, or self-centeredness, or pride, is sin. Sin is something that needs rooted out of all our lives, not justified (“because they’re in those teen years”), or coddled. I know that if she is seeking God’s will for her life, Clara will be just fine.

I am racking my scattered brain to remember some of the funny things the kids have done lately. After each one occurred, I thought, “I need to put that on my blog.” And now I can’t remember. Maybe after a nap….