So thank you for the reminder to renew my blog site! I think I forget every year. Well, it’s on auto-renew now! That’s probably really good since my brain is full. I have to let things go to remember new things- so any help I get is good news.

Well, I wasn’t planning on writing today, so this will be short. But in case you hadn’t heard… it’s a BOY! Yep- 11 kids, boys win. Adrian & Tristan, J’onn & Cory, Israel & ______ (this baby with no name yet)- all in pairs. How cute is that?!


Boy  Boy

Girl   Girl   Girl

Boy  Boy


Boy  Boy

So…. following the pattern means the next 3 would be girls. But I never want to be pregnant with a girl again (so much harder on me than boys). So I’m thinking…Quit while I’m ahead. Do you hear that, Lord? I’m old now. (When he’s born in July, I’ll have just turned 43.) They call it an elderly pregnancy when you are as old as I am and your uterus is for some reason still good to go (downgraded from ancient- thanks so much).

Anyway… We are remodeling things right now. This week our upstairs bathroom is out of commission. I know it’ll be worth it in the end,  but seeing that we are down to one bathroom- downstairs- and I have to pee at least 3 times each night- it’s been a long week.

New kitchen, bathroom & laundry room cabinets will arrive later this month- that’s a whole other mess. But seeing that none of my kitchen drawers close all the way and only one of five open (almost) correctly… it needs it. Presley fell off the bathroom vanity and broke the drawers in January- so they wouldn’t close anyway, and the cupboard under the sink had a crack in the door being held together by packing tape. So nothing closed in the bathroom, and Israel would continually pull everything out of the bottom drawer. It’s definitely time.

Israel turns 1 this month. He’s been walking well for several weeks now, yet you still can’t trust him on a bed or sofa. He’s usually super happy- although he did get Hand, Foot & Mouth in February. That was the sickest kid I’ve had outside a hospital. In fact, I was packed and ready to go when he finally peed a tiny bit (it had been 48 hours since he last peed and he was out of tears and running out of drool). He had scabs covering his body and you can still see the red marks they left a month later.

We got “hardwood” (laminate) floors upstairs- thank goodness because Madeline will scoot across the floor with a flooded diaper and after a while you just can’t clean that out of carpet. I told J’onn he needed to be the Sweeper as soon as they finished eating, or the bits of food on the floor in the kitchen would get kicked all the way to my room. As he grabbed the broom he asked, “Do I have to do this forever?” “No,” I said, “But for a while.” His reply? “Thank goodness we are living in the last days.” Amen, brother!

Ok- if I’m going to go to Bible Study tonight, I have to have a nap- the older I get, the more energy these babies suck out of me.

Until next time.