Eva Pfening???

Alright, Colin, this one’s for you!

So Eva was talking about being a grown-up today. She was asking me if she would still have to share a bed with Presley when she was grown up. I told her, “No, you will live in your own place with your husband.” That got her wheels turning. For the first time she realized she’d have to marry a grown-up, so her mind shifted to grown-up boys she knows. First she said, “Mike?” “Nope,” I replied, “Mike already has a wife.”

She then realized, “I don’t know who it will be.” “That’s right,” I said. “I didn’t know who my husband would be, either. You should pray that Jesus takes care of whoever He chooses to be your husband. That Jesus would save him just for you and that he would love Jesus and be ready to be a good husband.”

Her wheels were still spinning amid the unusual silence – even if it was only 7 seconds.

And then you could see the revelation on her face before she even spoke. Enlightenment in the highest form. “Colin. It’s Colin. Colin will be my husband!”

“Really? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!”

I don’t even know what to say at this point. Umm… I guess if you really want to wait 14 more years, Colin….

I didn’t want to stifle her “out-of-the-box” thinking, or the conversation about praying for her future husband, but I’m hoping the raptue happens long before Eva is ready to get married! Or a teenager for that matter! Come, Lord Jesus-PLEASE!!!

P.S. Heads up, Colin…. I hear there are several three and four-year-old girls at church who consider you their boyfriend, Mr. Popular! Oh the eventual disappointment….