First, fast post.

So it is a Sunday evening and I am avoiding the kitchen- tacos tends to be messy. I have signed up and edited the “About” page while nursing Eva Amora. (Eva from Wall-E, Amora from Enchantress. Thank you to Tristan for also picking a girl’s name when he picked his brother’s name.) She got off my lap a few minutes ago and just emptied a box of 48 crayons (now they’ll never be in the right order), thrown my “important” papers off my printer, strewn pretzel sticks around and stepped on them, and is now grunting with a strange look on her face…. And now it stinks. “Eva, go see Daddy.” “Oh-Tay mom!… Hi Dad!” I expect to be beckoned any minute from across the hallway. My fantastic husband, who is currently engrossed for the sixth time in a rerun of Castle, will inform me that Eva needs her diaper changed- oops, can’t type fast enough. Cory just said, “Mom. Mom. Mom!” I muttered a “What?” He continued, “Call me Flash. Oh, and Eva stinks.” I guess Cory takes after his Dad, so much so that he now speaks for him.

Ok then, a poopy diaper awaits. Thanks for reading, I hope to update our adventures often and I hope you enjoy.