I love my son, Adrian, to death. He’s good with kids, a talented athlete (he loves racquetball and is a gymnastics/parkour coach), a hard worker (at the Gym, our McDonald’s, and as a care giver for his sister) and loves Jesus. But- and some of you will understand this better than others- he is a boy. At 18, he’s still a boy. We tease him (in love) a lot about being forgetful, unhygienic, and often brain dead.

For example, Sunday he went to Home Depot- TWICE- WITH SCREW IN HAND- for another screw EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONE HE WAS HOLDING, and came back with the wrong size screw both times. It is this “brain dead” aspect which makes this video so funny.

Eva is 18 months and a big talker. She’s been speaking in sentences for several months, and for the most part people (even outside our family) can understand her. But not when it comes to this one word. Apparently “Adrian” is difficult for her. But at the same time it is soooo fitting in our teasing of him.

So, our own precious “Idiot” will be heading off to the International ALERT Academy in about 3 weeks. He’s starting with their Basic Training camp for 9 weeks. It is an amazing growth opportunity for boys who need to turn into young men. I’m super excited for him, I think it is a great fit for him, but it is the first time I will have been separated from one of my kids for this long. Of course, Tristan’s been gone for 6+ years (since November 7, 2008), but that is not by choice! I miss Tristan desperately, and I know I will miss my Idiot, too, but it is time for this boy to take some big steps in his maturity and spiritual growth as well. Maybe by June we can teach Eva to say Adrian, and he will no longer be our little “Idiot.”

Now I get to go play “Invisible Go Fish” with J’onn for invisible money. My only child who will have more fun with pretend cards than the real thing.

–Thanks to Becca (one of Hailey’s best friends & Madeline’s care giver) for catching Eva’s Idiot on video for posterity’s sake!